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Aug 5, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. is this good news for america? bad news for the republican party? both? the opposite? >> it's good news for the democratic party. if your enemy is committing suicide don't stop them and interrupt them. and the republicans are doing a nice job of taking themselves down. is it good for america? it is probably good for the america, if mitch mcconnell is the leader of the senate. but most americans don't care at all about what is happening in kentucky. but does mitch mcconnell move father and farther to the right than he already is, therefore giving the democrat a chance to win, or move to the middle, and risk losing his fight in his own republican party. >> david: paul ryan has said a government shutdown to defund obamacare, not good politics. others suggesting it is good politics. where do you come down on that and where do you think the country comes down on that? >> the republicans have got caught preaching one thing, and doing another. they say they want to cut the government, defund obamacare. paul ryan ran for vice president on that one issue alone. but now when it comes time to
Aug 14, 2013 3:00pm PDT
off the air next month, and will be replaced by al jazeera america. in our time here in "the war room" we have focused on important political stories from our march goes on series, to controlling the playing of gun violence in this country and the immigration reform debate that continues to rage on. joining me now inside "the war room" are two of my current colleagues and friends, john fugelsang, the host of "viewpoint, who has the second best hair on this network, and my very close friend, "the young turks" studio in los angeles cenk uygur. thank you both for joining us in "the war room" one last time. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you. >> michael: john, i'm sgoorth with you what do you think the impact that current tv has had on the progressive discussion if any at all? >> well, that's a good question. i have to say it was positive, if not necessarily profound. while this whole experience has proven that liberals are very good at capitalism, i'm very happy for mr. gore, i don't think network had the chance to make the proper impact it could have had had it had proper promotions be
Aug 7, 2013 3:00pm PDT
say we want to give him a fair trial here in america pap lot of us are very skeptical about that. you make a very good example here. i don't think that they look at it in the same vein. >> john lewis came out today and keith ellison, the congressman from minnesota said much the same thing, that edward snowden is walking in the tradition of martin luther king. do you agree or not? >> i think what martin luther king did was write a letter from the birmingham jail, not moscow. he faced his crime when he could have had an opportunity to flee the country. he didn't do that. i think it's a very good thing he went to jail to challenge the congress of the country. he went to jail and wrote from jail. he was trying to challenge the legitimacy of the law by showing it's i will legitimacy in practice. i think edward snowden should come home and face the music. to me, that is what makes sense. if he's right, if snowden is correct, and we do have very important secrets that are being gathered by the u.s. government, why is he giving them to russia. >> we don't know he's giving them to russia.
Aug 12, 2013 3:00pm PDT
other way around. when it comes to race in america it doesn't feel like we're always going in the right direction. they've sent in the clowns, literally, and we'll see which way we're moving in today's big news. "the war room" starts now. [ ♪ music ] >> michael: man, is it good to be back in this state. we're going to be here for four more days. stay with us, we have a great week of shows. earlier today here in san francisco attorney general eric holder laid out plans to alleviate overcrowded prisons and address racism in the justice system. >> as we come together, we need to discuss although incarceration has a significant role to play in our justice system, it can be ineffective and unsustainable. it poses a significant uneconomic burden. it comes with human and moral costs that are impossible to calculate. >> michael: the attorney general. the defendants with drug charges but no ties to large scale drugs organizations will be able to hold draconian mandatory minimum sentences. eric holder comes after one month after 1,000 inmates in california initiated a hunger strike to pro
Aug 15, 2013 3:00pm PDT
power. america, the president said, cannot control the outcome in egypt. >> we want a peaceful democratic prosperous egypt. that's our interest. to achieve that, the egyptians will have to do the work. >> michael: after the events of the past few days that work has become much, much harder. joining us one last time inside "the war room" is bill press, host of current tv's the full press show, and jason johnson, senior editor of bill, back to you. it's always good to see you, bill, and i know that you had your last current show today. we might as well talk about it now. where can people live stream your show going forward? >> tomorrow morning bill press we were a radio show before current tv, we will be a radio show after current tv. the show must go on and starting september third we will be on free speech tv, and on so people can still watch us on tv. just a different channel. and stream us online and listen on the radio including right there in san francisco, michael. >> michael: yes, exactly. and bp is the @ twitter for bill. is there any
Aug 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
country which is reflective of america at all, and we might need to think about the olympics. that's his proud and joy. he loves that part of the world. that's where he vacations. and some say speaker boehner said we can't punish our athletes, they've trained so hard, but our united states policies, our united states foreign relations standing of our country standing for human rights deemed more than the athletes who train? they represent our country. and if our country is not represented properly and going into a country that is repressive, and this is thumbing their nose at america. >> michael: congressman before we let you go your personal life has been in the news a lot this year, unfairly, i think. with an exclamation point. what have you learned from the experience? forgetting the details, but what have you learned from the experience of being in the spotlight like that? >> well, you know, the press, not "the war room," but the other press is oftentimes very irresponsible. they'll look at something and try to find scandal where there is no scandal, then they won't say, i'm sorr
Aug 8, 2013 3:00pm PDT
office. that stunning moment remains etched in america's collective memory. now we turn from a disgraced president to a great guy that we'll never, ever, ever give up, brett erlich. what have you got for us today? >> i have so much. steve king, representative from iowa keeps churning out the hits. he's like a vaguely racive taylor swift. he is a guy who you may remember a few weeks ago it was just, he said for every one value dick tore yep beneficiary of the dream act, there are 100 who have cavs the size of cantaloupes from lugging 75 pounds of marijuana through the desert. this man has turned his sights on climatolo something. ist: this guy has turned putting his foot into his mouth into an exact science. >> at least steve king is pro photosynthesis. >> absolutely. it's great, scientology is more of a religion than science. climb tolling is just as much science as science. >> the more steve king opens his mouth, the worse for the republican party. >> he said we don't know where the sea level is even, let alone say if it's going to come up globally because of c.o.2 suspend the
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7